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‘They’re intimidated’: Influencer Who Claims She’s Too Hot To Date In Viral TikTok Video

‘They’re intimidated’: Influencer Who Claims She’s Too Hot To Date In Viral TikTok Video

Story from Jam Press (Relationship Contract)
Pictured: Lara Jucá.
Influencer offered bizarre £670,000 ârelationship contractâ by fan
An influencer has claimed she received a ârelationship contractâ from a long-distance admirer that includes a monthly salary of over £55,000.
The six-month contract would net the influencer a total of £334,530, or £669,060 if it were to last a year.
Lara Jucá, 23, who boasts one million followers on Instagram and 885,000 on TikTok, shared a screenshot of the alleged contract for her fans.
Lara, who comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said the âindecent proposalâ offers to pay her BRL 350,000 (£55,755) per month.
The influencer, who is the former girlfriend of rap star Orochi, said: âHahahahaha I need to share with you here what was sent to me as a ‘work’ proposal. Sincerely without words.â [sic]On the contract, she highlighted the word ârelationshipâ and the total amount of BRL 2.1 million (£334,530).
She added: âGuys, itâs serious, how far does people’s madness go to?
âI was offered BRL 350,000 for 6 months (BRL 2.1 million) to sign a long-distance relationship contract, and I could still have other relationships. Unbelievable!â
The contract appears to have all the standards of a normal employment contract, including clauses for termination and the tax responsibilities of both parties.
Also, the relationship would be long-distance and Lara would be permitted to date other people during the contract period.
Twitter user Lala commented: âWhere is a proposal like that in my life?!â
âI sincerely hope you accepted!â said another fan.
User Vivi wrote: âGod, I want a blessing like that in my life!â
Someone else suggested: âGet out of the bubble lol. This is more common than you can imagine.â
âWith those various spelling errors, I wouldn’t believe it,â joked someone else.
After other users accused the influencer of inventing the story for attention, Lara wrote: âI keep laughing at people who say I made up something like this.
âMy people, really, Iâm on holiday in Praia do Rosa and donât have a lot of time to invent absurdities like this.â

An influencer Hope Schwing went viral for claiming she is “too hot” to get a boyfriend – as men are “extremely intimidated” by her looks.

Hope Schwing, 24, has never been in a serious relationship and admits to not having much dating experience.

The “chronically single” influencer says she is independent and doesn’t feel the urgency to settle down, but a video of her blaming her good looks on her misfortune has turned heads on TikTok.

In the clip, she looks downcast as the text reads: “No one talks about how hard it is to be literally so hot that you can’t get a bf because all men are extremely intimidated by and scared of you.

“Being incredibly hot is honestly a curse.”

Hope, from Los Angeles, California, was quick to clarify in the comments section that she meant the comment as “satire” – but the thought still resonated after the clip garnered 3.7 million views and 474,000 likes.

One viewer commented: “Especially when you have a personality and standards too and they can’t match it all.”

“It’s a blessing and a curse babe,” another user agreed.

Someone else joked: “I’m gonna believe this is true about myself bc any other explanation will be my last straw.”

“Convincing myself this is why I’m single,” said user Taylor.

User Joey commented: “The way you said this was satire but it’s not… like I literally feel like this is true for me.”

Olivia said: “This isn’t satire it’s relatable.”

“You’re absolutely right,” Matthew confirmed.

Luckily, Hope is perfectly happy as she is.

“I make jokes about being single and how I ‘hate’ it, but I’m totally fine being single for as long as I need to be,” the comedy influencer told

“I’ve personally been told and heard women give reason that they’re single because ‘the guy wants to be the hot one’ or ‘I’m too hot, I’m intimidating him and scaring him away’ – just funny satirical stuff like that.

“I thought it was pretty obvious in my video it was satire and me being existential and dramatic, but clearly that wasn’t delivered.

“The funny thing is, women commenting are saying ‘this isn’t satire, it’s relatable’ or ‘real’. Men on the other hand are basically flaming me, calling me ugly and almost seeming mad.

“I’ve never been in a serious relationship, except for ‘puppy love’ type stuff in early high school that didn’t last for more than a month. Nothing serious.

“I don’t have a ton of experience dating because I don’t really have an urgency to date.

“I’m a busy gal and I think when it’s time for me to date, it’ll come to me. I don’t think I’ll be the one chasing it.

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