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Whoisbrooklyn Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked

Whoisbrooklyn Onlyfans Videos & Photos Leaked

An OnlyFans model has revealed how she’s making thousands of dollars by not using razors and plans to never shave again. Cherry, a 25-year-old from Seattle who posts @ittybittycherry on TikTok, realized there was a lot of money to be made in growing body hair. The beauty, who holds a bachelor’s degree in business, shared her hairy nudes online and explained that having body hair is “natural”.

The social media personality regularly shares videos promoting body positivity online and encourages women not to be ashamed of removing body hair. The content creator admitted she hasn’t shaved her legs, armpits or pubic hair in months.

Cherry, 25, from Seattle, reveals how she’s made thousands of dollars by not using razors and plans to never shave again

Cherry created a series of revenge videos in which she confronted trolls who had negative opinions about her natural looks. In a recent video, Cherry showed off her underarm hair and captioned it: “Be a cute hairy girl who doesn’t shave.” She captioned the video, which has more than 270,000 views: “Haha, my armpit hair is showing.” “

Many took to the comments to praise the OnlyFans star, saying it gave them the confidence to grow their hair.

Another said, “Wow, you look so cool.” Another said, “I love your confidence!” I tagged my sister in her videos to boost her confidence because she always Walking with her legs hidden, not hugging her. Others, though, weren’t so impressed with her natural looks.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the model admitted that she has no plans to shave anytime soon. “I’ve had a bush planted for about six months and stopped shaving the rest eight months ago.” I shaved it six months ago because one of my followers paid me $5,000 (4,029 GBP).

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