Government’s Top 10 Importance To The Society

Government’s Top 10 Importance To The Society


Even though the government has its own set of rules and arrangements, it also serves to benefit the society in many diverse ways. Here is a list of ten ways in which the government helps to better it peoples lives as well as protects them.

1 – Healthcare

Accessible healthcare definitely has to be one of the most important priorities of the government. Citizens have the rights to have access to affordable and quality healthcare when they need it. Without this, we are setting ourselves up for a major crisis that would most likely affect everyone including those in the arms of government. The government has the opportunity and responsibility to provide healthcare for all citizens in order to lower costs and increase efficiency by improving their respective nation’s healthcare sector as a whole.


2 – Infrastructure

As the world develops and becomes increasingly globalized, it’s even more important than ever for countries to have strong infrastructures in place. The government is responsible for maintaining many of these vital resources, such as power grids and bridges. It also invests in other infrastructures that are necessary for a functioning society, such as public transportation and water systems.


3 – Rebuilding Communities

When natural disasters strike or s terrorist attacks, the government is often called in to provide relief materials to victims of this sad events. One of the primary responsibilities of the government is the cleaning up and rebuilding of this affected communities that have been torn apart by such sad events. They also work with local businesses, charities and international groups to provide necessary aid.

4 – Education

Every government body have structural systems and bodies in place for providing access to education at all levels, and formats of life. Primary education is the first and most important aspect of education seen that it is the foundation of the secondary and tertiary, but the type pattern and quality mostly vary from country to country. Higher education is also provided by government in many countries, but this too can take different forms depending on the nation’s needs and priorities. Private schools are typically available as well, though these are often more expensive than their public counterparts.

5 – Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is one of the major service of the government, and it has many benefits to the society. It helps maintain order in the society through law enforcement, preventing crime, and providing security of lives and property. No one would want to live in a society without security guarantee of lives and property . Law enforcement also helps protect citizens from being abused or taken advantage of by others. They are our line of defense against any type of injustice that may occur.

6 – National Security

National Security is a big deal. We should never underestimate the importance of keeping our country safe from all kind of attacks. Fortunately, the government has a lot of resources and tactics at its disposal to do just that. In addition to military intelligence, the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security are constantly working behind-the-scenes on behalf of citizens everywhere. They work tirelessly to uncover any potential threat before it has a chance to do any damage.

7 –  Innovation

For many years, the United States has been a leader in technological innovation. From the beginning of the computer age till today, the country has introduced countless new products and services that have improved the quality of life for people all over the world. Innovations like these wouldn’t exist without support from government agencies such as NASA and DARPA.


8 – Business Developments & Job Opportunities

Business development and job creation are two of the government’s top benefits to society. Programs like SBA loans and grants, along with tax incentives, can help businesses grow and create jobs. There are also programs in place that provide loans for entrepreneurs who want to start a business but don’t have the capital required.


9 – Protection Of Consumer Rights

In order for a business to stay in business, it needs consumers. Consumer protection laws are designed to ensure that consumers are not misled or deceived when they buy products from businesses. A number of federal agencies oversee the enforcement of consumer protection laws. This includes the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FTC protects consumers from unfair practices such as false advertising, product misrepresentation, and other forms of abuse.


10 – Environment Protection & Nature

The government regulates the use of many natural resources and ensures that they are used efficiently and responsibly. In other to ensure that future generations can enjoy them as well, and so they don’t go extinct.


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