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Drama!!! As Chris Brown throws a fan’s phone off stage.

Drama!!! As Chris Brown throws a fan’s phone off stage.


Watch viral video: Chris Brown throws a fan’s phone off stage.

Chris Brown, an American singer-songwriter, has garnered media attention once more; this time, it was for hurling a fan’s phone into the audience at one of his gigs. The event happened as Brown was playing “Take You Down” and had invited the fan on stage, and it has since gone viral on social media.



Brown can be seen dancing around the fan in a video that has gone viral online. The fan seemed more interested in recording the incident on her phone. When she continued to take pictures, Brown took the phone and flung it into the throng despite being observed repeatedly taking it from her hands and putting it away.

Watch viral video: Chris Brown throws a fan's phone off stage.

Online responses to the incident have been conflicted, with some praising Brown and others criticising him. One Twitter user referred to the fan as “disrespectful” and complimented Brown for acting, but others argued that Brown had no control over the situation and that the fan had a right to use her phone.

Despite the outcry, the concertgoer apparently received her phone back. What condition the phone was in after being thrown into the crowd is unknown, though.

Brown has a history of stirring up controversy. He once threw a temper tantrum after Robert Glasper won a Grammy, and he also came under fire for working with vocalist Chloe Bailey despite having a violent past.

The Value of Treating Performers with Respect

The event has generated a lot of discussion online, but it also brings to light a significant problem that many performers deal with audience members who are more concerned with recording the performance on their phones than truly attending it.

As viewers, it’s crucial to keep in mind that performers are there to amuse, and that they should be honoured for their skill and labour. It’s vital to put the phone down and enjoy the experience, despite the temptation to record the event.

Fans can express their admiration for the musician and the performance by doing this. Additionally, it makes sure that future occurrences similar to the one involving Chris Brown and the fan’s phone don’t take place.


Online arguments about whether Chris Brown was right in his conduct have been raging since the incident with the fan’s phone. Regardless of your position on the matter, it emphasises how crucial it is to show respect for artists and to put your phone away in order to properly enjoy the event.

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