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Watch Video shows Conor McGregor leading alleged sexual assault victim into the bathroom at NBA Finals game

Watch Video shows Conor McGregor leading alleged sexual assault victim into the bathroom at NBA Finals game

Conor McGregor is seen leading a woman into a men’s bathroom where she alleges the UFC star “violently” raped her.

The hallway interaction between McGregor and the woman was captured on cell phone video released by a private news channel on Friday. According to news, it was taken shortly after midnight on June 10 at Kaseya Center in Miami after Game 4 of the NBA Finals.


The footage, which is nearly 30 seconds, starts with McGregor walking out of the bathroom and saying something to a crowd of people controlled by security. He then turns right and appears to exchange words with the woman before grabbing her by the hand to lead her into the bathroom. She, along with another female holding her by the wrist, follows McGregor down a pathway cleared by security, but when they get to the bathroom entrance, McGregor and the alleged victim continue inside while the other woman walks to the right before entering. The bathroom door closes, and the video ends with nobody but McGregor and the alleged victim appearing to go inside.



The video, which sheds light on what transpired outside of the bathroom, raises questions about parts of the woman’s claim leading up to the alleged sexual assault. Videos from earlier in the night show her and McGregor partying together at a club inside the arena.

In a demand letter sent to McGregor, the NBA and the Miami Heat, South Florida-based attorney Ariel Mitchell wrote that her client was “physically forced” into the bathroom by security and that McGregor was already waiting for her inside the bathroom, two claims that don’t align with the footage.

Mitchell’s letter also stated that “security refused to let (the woman) exit or allow anyone else, including her friend, inside the bathroom.” While it’s unclear why the alleged victim’s friend didn’t walk into the bathroom with her and McGregor, the video shows what appears to be a security detail preventing others from entering.

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