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Update: Awra Briguela Viral Video,Leaked Awra Briguela Viral Video on Twitter & Reddit

Update: Awra Briguela Viral Video,Leaked Awra Briguela Viral Video on Twitter & Reddit

The Awra Briguela scandal has caught the attention of many online sources. Let’s find out the truth behind this scandal and why Awra Briguela was arrested.

Awra Briguela is a young Filipino comedian and actor who became famous for playing the role of “MakMak” in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (2016-present). The show’s star, Coco Martin, personally selected her for the role.


In 2016, an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya showcased Briguela’s life. She also won the first season of Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids in the Philippines in 2017.

Briguela is known for impersonating popular Filipino actors and actresses such as Maja Salvador, Sarah Geronimo, and Sarah Lahbati.

She gained popularity on social media under the name “Awra.”

Awra Briguela Scandal & Controversy

Awra Briguela is currently involved in a scandal and a disagreement that started on June 29.

In a video on social media, the 19-year-old star was seen being held by the police outside a bar in Makati City.

According to the Southern Police District (SPD), Awra reportedly approached a group of men and asked one of them to remove his clothes. When they refused, a violent confrontation ensued and she tore his shirt.

Many well-known internet users and celebrities have shown support for Awra. One of her longtime friends, Riva Quenery, spoke up in her defense.

Riva called for further investigation to find out if other males were involved in the brawl and questioned why only Awra was taken into custody.

Another friend and content producer, Zayla Nakajima, also took to social media to refute the claims. Zayla shared her account, saying that Awra acted to protect their friends from men who were allegedly trying to sexually harass them, even though her post was later removed.

These recent events have sparked discussions and calls for a closer examination of the facts surrounding the issue and Awra’s subsequent arrest.

People are eager to know more details and get clarification as the situation unfolds to understand what happened.

Why Was Awra Briguela Arrested?

An altercation outside a bar in Makati City led to the arrest of Briguela, a well-known Filipino comedian.

Charges of physical harm, shock and scandal, disobedience of the authorities, and blatant assault were brought against her due to the incident.

Awra allegedly caused a disturbance at Bolt Hole Bar, according to the Southern Authorities District (SPD), and was caught by authorities on Thursday at about 5 am.

According to complainant Mark Christian Ravana, the incident allegedly occurred at a farewell party.

Awra and several other individuals allegedly confronted Ravana’s group after approaching them. The situation worsened as Awra and her pals joined her in tearing Ravana’s shirt brutally.

Moreover, Awra is accused of being verbally aggressive with the police when they interfered because she disregarded their authority. Additionally, she shoved one of the arresting police officers.

Different versions and opinions added to the ongoing conversation about Briguela’s detention and the specifics of the altercation after the incident caused a flurry of discussion.

The city prosecutor’s office will now receive the case for further inquiry by the legal system.

As the investigation goes on, many reports and viewpoints have surfaced, adding to the ongoing debate about Briguela’s detention and the circumstances of the incident.

Briguela is still in custody and will remain there until the investigation ends.

Updates will be possible when additional information becomes available as the inquiry progresses.

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