Some Mind-Blowing Effects of Tribalism Tradition and Religious Beliefs On Our Society

Some Mind-Blowing Effects of Tribalism Tradition and Religious Beliefs On Our Society

we might not realize this, but tribalism tradition and religious belief are major contributors to our society’s biggest problems. Here are some reasons why it needs to be stopped and also a few things we can do to help stop it. As we would all agree, we now live in a more civilized age of division and different diversities that keeps growing deeper as the days passes. We’re seeing more tension than ever between political ideologies, more conflict between different races, cultures, and social classes than we had in decades, even escalating violence between different factions of religions around the globe. What’s going on?

The psychology behind religion

Religion is an integral part of many people’s lives, but it also has more negative consequences than we might realize. Numerous studies have shown that religion can cause feelings of guilt and shame in people who don’t believe in the same faith. This can lead to individuals feeling alienated from their friends or family members.

Religion Creates Different Groups And Beliefs

Tribalism is a result of religious beliefs and differences, as different religions create different groups. Each religion has its own belief system, which includes certain rules for members to follow. This means that people who were born into one religion will always be a member of that religion even if they don’t believe in it anymore. . For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses have strict guidelines about blood transfusions which might exclude them from some jobs or other opportunities that they might otherwise take advantage of them.

Cross-cultural studies

Some effects of tribalism on society is the Rwandan genocide. This is clearly a result of how tribal groups divided. The Hutus felt that they were suppressed by the Tutsis, so the Hutus massacred their enemies. This is an example where tribalism led to violence and death. In other cultures, religious beliefs have caused immense pain as well. In ISIS controlled Syria, Christians are persecuted if they refuse to convert to Islam. As you can see, religious belief can lead people to view other religions as bad.

Studies done on children

A study done by the University of Toronto realized children are prone to accepting ideas that align with their identity. The study took a group of six-year-olds and showed them videos about animals with different names.  The children were able to correctly identify the animal based on its name. But when asked what its name was, they would respond I don’t know. When asked about their beliefs in God or Heaven, the child would answer yes without hesitation.

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