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Marly Rivera Leaked Video: What Happened Between Espn & Marly Rivera

Marly Rivera Leaked Video: What Happened Between Espn & Marly Rivera

Leaked Video of Marly Rivera: What Happened Between Espn and Marly Rivera: Marly Rivera, a national baseball reporter for ESPN, was yelled at and fired by the community after getting into an argument with another reporter.

ESPN expressed in a public statement to USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday that Rivera “no longer works here.” Rivera’s biography no longer appears alongside other community workers. The incident was not discussed further by the neighborhood.

The New York Post says that Rivera and reporter Ivón Gaete tried to talk to New York Yankees hitter Aaron Judge before the team lost 5-2 to the Los Angeles Angels at Yankee Stadium on April 18. Rivera allegedly told Gater that she had planned an interview with Judge in advance, but Gater allegedly ignored her.

Gaete Rivera, a “swearer” at that point, was caught on camera. Marly Rivera, a broadcaster for ESPN Deportes, spoke with Keke Hernandez (on the left) following a 2018 game.

Rivera said, “I take full responsibility for the things I said I shouldn’t have done,” in a statement to the New York Post. This in no way justifies my behavior, despite the fact that there are reducing factors.

Rivera, a multilingual author and reporter, covers the MLB and the New York Yankees for ESPN and ESPN Deportes. She contends that insults alone were not the sole cause of her dismissal.

Rivera stated to the Post, “I’m a professional player with a great reputation in baseball.” One person stated, “I feel like a group of people with whom I have had a long-standing disagreement on a professional level have singled me out.”

Gaete is the spouse of MLB Vice President of Communications John Blundell and a contract writer.

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