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Full Video: Kayes and Celiboy Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram

Full Video: Kayes and Celiboy Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram

Kayes and Celiboy Video Viral On Twitter 

Kayes and Celiboy Video Viral On Twitter

You must be familiar with Kayes, a well-known Instagram influencer with 2.6 million fans. Eldin Rahadian Putra, better known by his stage name Celiboy, is another. a well-known Indonesian gamer who enjoys playing titles set in the Mobile Legends universe.

Although there have been rumors that these two were dating, nothing has been verified. On social media networks, users quickly spread the rumor like wildfire. Having said that, a video has been going viral and receiving millions of views.

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The popular video first appeared on Telegram before spreading to other social media sites. Many people were astonished because it appears to be a made-up tale. When the video is closely examined, it is pretty clear that it was completely made up as clickbait.

Even many online users agree with the assertion. A video has also since been taken off from all the relevant websites. In addition, the video’s veracity has not been validated by any trustworthy sources.

Both Kayes and Celiboy are well-known online personas with sizable followings. Therefore, it is impossible to ruin their reputation with a contentious video. Their talent agency frequently devises fresh tactics to keep them relevant in news headlines.

Therefore, misleading information is created in order to control the internet. It should be reminded that these rumors should only be considered for enjoyment and not for serious consideration.

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