Finally!!! FIFA To Pay Clubs Extra $146m To Release Players for 2026 World Cup

Finally!!! FIFA To Pay Clubs Extra $146m To Release Players for 2026 World Cup

FIFA, the international governing body of soccer. With a history of compensating clubs for the release of players for international tournaments such as the World Cup. The amount of compensation and the specific terms of the agreement may vary depending on the tournament and other factors. But FIFA typically seeks to balance the interests of clubs and national teams in the release of players.

FIFA recently agreed to compensate clubs with an additional £119m. This to free their players for the men’s World Cup and also to give them a higher hand in the game’s calendar. This moves are all part of the new deal which shows a significant thawing of relations between the sport’s governing body and Europe’s elite teams.

FIFA succumbed to significantly increase its World Cup package for clubs to release player. Starting from $209m for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments to $355m in 2026. FIFA would also explore a joint collaboration with clubs around the 2025 Club World Cup. This doesn’t differ from the relationship the ECA has with UEFA over the Champions League. Such a deal might lead to top clubs earning huge financial rewards and making the European Super League less likely.

“This is an important day for the future of football and its long-term stability,” Gianni Infantino spoke. “We are very glad to renew and strengthen our cooperate agreement with ECA, a strong stakeholder representing clubs from all over Europe.

“Having the new international match calendar endorsed by ECA provides the needed balance between club and national team football. We have exciting projects to come, like the upcoming FIFA Club World Cup in 2025 and the new FIFA Women’s Club World Cup. A close collaboration with clubs in Europe, and the rest of the world, will be essential for success.”

This announcement’s where backed by Nasser al-Khelaifi, chairman of the ECA and Paris Saint‑Germain president. Where he said: “After intense negotiations behind closed doors, we have attained what many thought was impossible before now. This new agreements would benefit a lot of clubs around the world. Not just the ECA, with increased revenue and more intense player protection. If we work together and expand our alliances, everyone benefits.

“We, as clubs, are very proud to have our players play for their national teams. Now we have a collaboration charter to negotiate the process and protocol for those releases. While all players are to be protected against injury.”

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