Dan Wootton Photos & Video Leaked Scandal On Twitter, Reddit.

Daniel John William Wootton is a New Zealand and British broadcaster. He was executive editor of The Sun newspaper. In 2007, he joined the News of the World. In 2013, he joined The Sun on Sunday and became editor of the Bizarre column the following year.

After the BBC presenter scandal, GB News’ presenter Dan Wootton is now trending on Twitter, following a series of allegations made against him by his former boyfriend Alex. In a Twitter thread, Alex accused Dan Wootton of allegedly stalking and emotional bullying him while they were in a relationship.

However, the most serious allegation was Dan being involved in the business of making s*x tapes. Alex claimed in his tweet that he once allegedly found a hard drive from Wootton’s house when he was away. On it was a video that allegedly showed a Sun employee engaged in s*xual activity with their partner.

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