dan and phil vday video – dan and phil vday video twitter #danandphil

dan and phil vday video – dan and phil vday video twitter #danandphil

The “Valentine’s Day Video” (also known as “The V-Day Vid” or “The Video That Shall Not Be Named”) is an extremely personal video made by Phil for Dan as a Valentine’s Day present.

Discussing this video is highly discouraged and often met with scorn by the Phandom as most fans believe this to be extremely invasive and rude.

According to Dan,[1] it was originally intended to be an April Fool’s joke video, with Phil expressing his love for Dan and reminiscing their time spent together.

Watch full video here

dan and phil vday video

The video was posted privately on LessAmazingPhil on February 13th, 2010, supposedly with the intention of being unprivated on April Fool’s Day.

On September 17th, 2011, the video was unintentionally unprivated by a YouTube glitch. Phil promptly removed the video, but during the three hours it was online, it garnered several views and at least one person saved it.

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