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Anush Apetyan video reddit leaked on telegram, dead a nurse or a sniper?

Anush Apetyan video reddit leaked on telegram, dead a nurse or a sniper?

Details of the atrocities committed by the Azerbaijani army when it attacked Armenia this week were handed over to the Armenian diplomatic corps, which met Army Chief of Staff Edward Asrian on Friday in Jermuk, the last The scene of heavy shelling.

One of the examples Asrien cited was the brutal mutilation of an Armenian female soldier captured by the Azerbaijani army. The Army chief of staff said he would show diplomats video of the attack.

“They committed atrocities against our soldiers, including women, in our combat posts,” Asrien said. “I can’t find words to describe how they mutilated a female soldier and cut off her legs. and fingers, and stripped her naked. It was cruelty like never before.”

An illustrative video of the attack described by Asrian circulated on social media on Friday. Asbares reviewed the video but would not release it due to its graphic nature and his inability to verify its authenticity.

Armenian army soldier Anush Apetyan reportedly mutilated by Azerbaijanis

The soldier, identified as Anush Apetyan, a 36-year-old mother of three, was reportedly captured alive in Jermuk before being raped, tortured and mutilated by Azerbaijani soldiers . They put the severed finger in her mouth and gouged out her eyes.

Asrian told the diplomats that no army, unit or soldier of any country has the right to commit such atrocities. He called it a serious violation of international humanitarian law and accused Azerbaijan of committing war crimes.

He assured that the Armenian Armed Forces will continue to take all measures to ensure the military security of the motherland.

The Army Chief of Staff said at a briefing that surveillance video showed that an Azerbaijani military group of 50 to 60 people had withdrawn from northern Jermuk, Vayots Zor province.

Now only one Azerbaijani military group remains in Jermuk, on a hilltop 4.5 kilometers (about 2.7 miles) from the city, he said, adding that it was surrounded by Armenian troops.

“They cannot reach the outskirts of Jermuk with other troops. There is only one group on the hill. As for survival, if this hostile group is not supplied with food and water, within a few days they will have to run out of resources and leave the country .The group was surrounded by our detachment,” Asirian told the diplomat.

He said the tactical situation in the area was stable and assured that the group would eventually withdraw.

“There will be no vehicles coming into our area. None at the moment. They will not be able to carry food or water and, having lost supplies, this force will retreat and join their main detachment further from the outskirts of Jermuk. “

Following the Azerbaijani attack, the Armenian army began countermeasures shortly after midnight on Tuesday, Asirian explained. However, several positions were lost due to what he called “advantage of enemy forces”. These areas, he said, are the bases of the Azerbaijani army, allowing hundreds of troops to penetrate deep into the Armenian defense zone.

During nearly 48 hours of fighting, Azerbaijani troops were able to advance 11 to 12 kilometers (6 to 7 miles) into Armenian territory, he said. Asriyan told diplomats that the area had not shrunk to 4.5 kilometers (2.7 miles), suggesting the Armenian army was capable of retaking them.

Members of the Armenian diplomatic corps visited Jermuk and toured some of the most heavily fought areas this year. They were able to witness firsthand the extent of damage to civilians and community buildings.

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